Haisley WESO Team

What is WESO

The Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad is a volunteer run event that allows elementary aged students (grades 2-5) a chance to learn about science topic and then put that knowledge to use during a one day competition in May.

Event topics span a wide variety of skills and areas of interest. While some events require knowledge of scientific facts and concepts, others rely on scientific processes, skills, or applications. This ensures that everyone can participate.

It’s a fun, educational opportunity to introduce the world of science to your child. Competition day is great and exciting, but the learning over the months of practice is the main reward.

If you’d like to learn more go to wesoscience.org/history

How does it work at Haisley?

Our Haisley team is comprised of excited Huskies and parent volunteers who either coach or volunteer at the event day in May. Depending on the event, teams can range from 1 to 4 children and one of the team parents coaches the event. Coaching may sound scary but it is actually fun, rewarding, and requires no prior knowledge of a subject. There are many resources within the Haisley family and at WESO itself to help guide coaches throughout the season.

Teams meet several times between the months of February and May – the amount of meetings depends on the event and the team.  The parents and coaches work together to determine meeting times and places.  School rooms can be made available for practices. Practicing at home with a play date at the end is also a great way to keep it fun.

If you are interested in signing up for the Haisley WESO 2020 team please click on the link below.


The event list can be found here: https://wesoscience.org/events-2020/ and the links below. If an event grade is not shown then it has been filled.

Registration is open – you should sign up before the coaches meeting on January 29th!.

Write me if you have any questions! Jim – jim.e.carey@gmail.com

Volunteers make WESO happen

The WESO organization is all volunteer driven. So is the Haisley team. This year we will be asking that parents volunteer to either coach or provide a WESO volunteer on the day of the event (May 9th). Event volunteering requires no knowledge of the topics and is no longer than a 4 hour commitment. Typical volunteering tasks include selling snacks or raffle tickets, ushering kids to and from events, and assisting event coordinators.

2020 WESO Events