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Welcome Back Haisley!

Welcome back Haisley families! Please allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Jennifer DeCapua and Nicki Pilz, proudly serving as this year’s PTO President and Vice President. Haisley is an exceptional community of teachers, families and friends, and we so excited to be serving as your representatives.

What is the Haisley PTO?

As a nonprofit 501(c)3, the Haisley PTO exists to enrich the educational experience for our children. Our mission is our KIDS! We do that by building community, supporting the teachers and curriculum, and creating supplemental learning opportunities. Last year, we sponsored over 50 field trips, a host of in-school events, summer learning books, and much, much more. We want to build off of the previous years’ of success and continue to provide new and innovative ways to support our children. To ensure a successful year, we need your help. There are many ways to contribute.

Volunteers: It takes a Village

This year, we’ll be using the weekly e-mail blast to announce upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. Please contact this year’s Family Involvement Coordinator, Courtney Nathan, callennathan@gmail.com, with questions or to volunteer for an upcoming Haisley event.

Still interested in getting involved on the PTO Board? We have 3 open positions: Fund Raising Coordinator, PTOC Rep, and Member-at-Large, Upper EL. Contact Courtney or Jennifer!

New Communication Tools

This year, Haisley and the PTO will be communicating through tried and true methods like the weekly Eblast and backpack mail, and also through:

Note: The Haisley Happenings monthly newsletter is no more. All communications will be via the School Website and PTO Website.

Funding that Enriches Students’ Lives

The PTO continues to rely on our community’s financial support, as well as volunteers. While there are many ways to contribute, the vast majority of our operating budget is established through only three events: an envelope drive, the fall auction, and the spring walk-a-thon. This year, we are budgeted to spend over $100 per student. These are activities the district does not fund. We hope you will continue to support the PTO.

Wanted: Your Capital Improvement Ideas

Each year we raise funds to support our operating plan. If we exceed our annual goals, the surplus funds are moved to a separate account for capital spending. Over the last few years we’ve been fortunate enough to exceed our fund raising goal. We need your input! The PTO is soliciting capital improvements ideas through October 31, 2015. Nothing is too big or too small.

Every idea will get its fair consideration. All ideas will be made available to the public for feedback and in January the PTO will award funding. All constructive ideas that do not receive funding will be kept as a priority “wish list” for future capital initiatives.

  • Please note, once the board moves funds into the capital account they are not available to the general operating budget. That’s why it’s critical for each year’s PTO to initiate new fund raising campaigns. Our current capital fund is not enough to cover the annual budget. Do not consider this fund a reason to abstain from the envelope drive or auction, or any other fund raising campaign.

Finally, we’d like to remind all families that we are here to serve and represent your interests. Please do not hesitate to call on us. You can also visit www.haisleypto.org for more information, and please “like” our active Facebook page! We wish everyone a fabulous school year!

Jennifer DeCapua                            Nicki Pilz

PTO President                                    PTO Vice President

2015-2016 PTO Board

Position Name E-Mail
President Jennifer DeCapua jklozik2002@yahoo.com
Vice President Nicki Pilz nicki.pilz15@gmail.com
Treasurer Marc Volger mvolger@umich.edu
Secretary Audrey DiMarzo audrey.dimarzo@comcast.net
Enrichment Coordinator Colleen Klus-Salisbury colleenklussalisbury@gmail.com
Fund Raising Coordinator OPEN  
Family Involvement Coor. Courtney Nathan callennathan@gmail.com
PTO Council Representative OPEN  
Member at Large Upper El OPEN  
Member at Large Upper El Luci Fry lucifry@yahoo.com
Member at Large Lower El Kourtni Awwad kourtnidawwad@yahoo.com
Member at Large Lower El Laura Koch laurakrn@gmail.com
Member at Large Lower El Rosy von Rütte rosyvonrutte@gmail.com
Principal Kathy Scarnecchia scarnecc@aaps.k12.mi.us
Teacher Ellen McGee mcgee@aaps.k12.mi.us
Teacher Audi Hahn hahna@aaps.k12.mi.us


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