ONE NOTE:  Sadly, these grocery store programs have been declining over the years.  Just this year (2016) both Meijer and Target discontinued their programs.  It is more important than ever that, if you use Kroger or Busch’s, you continue to “re-up” your card each year.  Make sure you re-activate your community rewards for Haisley at the beginning of each school year.


Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger links their Kroger Plus Card to the community rewards program.  It’s as simple as shopping at Kroger, swiping your Plus card and Haisley gets a 5% rebate! Click here to link your card.  Just create an account using your Plus card.  Follow their simple step-by-step instructions!



Busch’s Cash For Education

Busch’s offers Haisley up to 5% of purchases when using their “Cash For Education” card.  Simply request a card for Haisley from your Busch’s service desk OR the PTO. Then go to this link to create your My Way account.  After you have created your My Way account, or if you already have one, head over to this link to register your card for Haisley!







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