Auction Fundraiser (fall 2015, final event on Nov. 11th, 2016)

  • Acquisition Helpers (3-5 needed): FILLED!
  • Event Helpers (10-20 needed): parents needed to fill multiple roles ranging from set-up & decoration to check-out and clean-up. To volunteer: [Sign-Up Genius Link pending]


Science Olympiad (winter 2016, final event in May 2017)

  • Parent Coaches (10-20 needed): Lead a team of 2-5 students as they prepare an experiment for competition. The role will require 1-2 hours per week after school. To Volunteer: [Sign-Up Genius Link pending]
  • Event Day Supervisor (1 needed): In addition coaching, each school is required to supply one parent who will facilitate one event on the day of Science Olympiad.


Heritage Night (Thursday January 26, 2016)

  • Parent Co-Chair(s) (2 needed): Work with Teacher Co-Chair to organize and facilitate the event.
  • Cultural Table Host Families(20 needed): To volunteer: [Sign-Up Genius Link pending]


Book Fair & Reading Night (First week in March, Evening Event Wednesday March 8, 2017)

  • Event Helpers (5-10 needed): Roles needed include set-up, clean-up and general assistance. To volunteer: [Sign-Up Genius Link pending]


Science Night (date TBD)

  • Event Chair(s) (2 needed): Organize coordinate evening, contact Hands on Museum, Choose experiments, set up and clean up event, and help recruit volunteers.
  • Event Helpers (3-5 needed): Set-up and help on the day of the event. To volunteer:  [Sign-Up Genius Link pending]


Haisley Players (Winter 2017, Final Production TBD)

  • Director(s) (2 needed): Lead all creative direction for the production; set rehearsal schedules, audition and train cast, and so much more
  • Producers(s) (2 needed): Lead all business activities associated with the play; fund-raising, ticket sales, and so much more
  • Committee & Event Helpers: There are multiple roles needed including costumes, child watch, set design, and so much more. To volunteer: [Sign-Up Genius Link pending]


Walk-a-Thon (Spring 2017, May 19 All Day)

  • Event Helpers: Parent volunteers needed for lap counting.  Will be organized by room parents.


Ice Cream Social (Spring 2017, final Event Friday June 9, 2017)

  • Co-Chair(s) (min. 2 needed): Desperately seeking “Under-studies” to help plan and facilitate the event. While not mandatory, the ideal candidates would be interested in a multi-year involvement .
  • Event Helpers (50 needed): There are multiple roles needed including, but not limited to, set-up, working game tables, selling concessions, clean-up. To volunteer:  [Sign-Up Genius Link pending]


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